Poems from The Full Dress

"Two Rains" first appeared in Dog Fox Field (see Bibliography). "All that big rain coming from top side" is by Rover Thomas, Kukajja/Wangkajunga people, 1991.

Other Poems from The Full Dress

Rover Thomas: All that big rain coming from top side


Two Rains

Our farm is in the patched blue overlap
between Queensland rain and Victorian rain
(and of two-faced droughts like a dustbowl tap).

The southerly rain is skimmed and curled
off the Roaring Forties' circuit of the world.
It is our chased Victorian silver

and makes wintry asphalt hurry on the spot
or pauses to a vague speed in the air,
whereas, lightning-brewed in a vast coral pot

the tropical weather disgorges its lot
in days of enveloping floodtime blast
towering and warm as a Papuan forest,

a rain you can sweat in, it steams in the sun
like a hard-ridden horse, while southern rain's absorbed
like a cool, fake-colloquial, drawn out lesson.


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